Attractions / Recreation in Hays

Boot Hill Cemetary
If you enjoy exploring the history of old west towns, check out the Boot Hill Cemetary on the north side of Hays, Kansas. The hill above town holds the gravesites of many of the citizens, dating back to the towns founding in 1867. The Boot Hill Cemetary is a great place to explore and discover the graves of many western pioneers.

Ellis County Historical Society Museum
When you want to learn more about Hays, Kansas and the surrounding area, check out the Ellis County Historical Society Museum in Hays. The museum includes many displays and exhibits that showcase what life was like in Ellis County during the days of the pioneers. The museum also features artifacts of the residents and legends of the area like George Armstrong Custer and Wild Bill Hickock, among others. This is a great museum to learn about the old west.

Historical Downtown Walking Tour
Explore the old western town of Hays when you take the Historical Downtown Walking Tour. This is a self-guided tour with buildings that existed back in the frontier days when a number of gunslingers and western legends walked down the streets of Hays. The downtown walking tour is open from sunrise to sunset and the tour is marked with bronze plaques that tell the story of the town as you walk along the streets.

Historic Fort Hays
Hays, Kansas began as a Fort during the pioneer days and you can explore the old fort to get a better idea of what life was like for the early settlers. The area began to grow as the railroad started to build through the Kansas plains along with stagecoaches and freight travel. The Fort features a real look at what soldiers had to endure in order to protect the pioneers who traveled through the area. The Fort includes the soldier’s barracks as well as officers quarters, the parade grounds and much more.

Buffalo Herd
When you want to see what the wildlife was like on the Kansas prairie outside of Hays, Kansas, check out the Buffalo Herds. Just four miles south of town you will find the Frontier Park that features a herd of buffalo just like you would see in the old west. The Buffalo Herds are protected and cared for by the Hays Parks Department and are available for you to watch from sunup to sundown with no cost.